Shane Eversfield

Ithaca, NY

Master Coach


Looking for personalized swim, bike or run technique instruction - regardless of age, athletic ability or previous experience? With both a warm pool and a lap pool, Shane Eversfield offers private and group instruction using the extensive facilities at Island Health and Fitness, Ithaca’s premiere health club. Contact Shane to inquire about a personalized experience for you or your group: Shane Eversfield (a.k.a. “Zenman”) joined the “Church of Triathlon” in November 1998 while living in Kona, Hawaii (at age 41). Eleven months later he finished Hawaii Ironman - his third triathlon. Since then, he has completed double and triple irons, ultramans, and ultra trail runs up to 100 miles. In June of 2016, he completed “Moving Beyond A.L.S.” – a 500-mile solo triathlon in 99 hours, raising money and awareness for the ALS Association. With such an extreme athletic resumé, It might seem that Shane prefers to work only with “serious” athletes. To the contrary… Shane is based out of Island Health and Fitness, housed within the Cayuga Wellness Center. The center includes a physical therapy practice, a sports medicine clinic, a cardiac rehab center, a healthy living center, a spa and a café. He loves to assist a diversity of clients to gracefully attain their goals: Adults learning to swim for the first time, or rediscovering swimming for physical and mental health. Triathletes striving to improve swim performance. Endurance athletes looking for a great way to cross-train for other sports. A “Senior Swim Lab” where participants learn to swim through gentle, patient instruction and by assisting one another. His Swim Mastery programs have become Ithaca's leading freestyle swim instruction and training. A degree in Modern Dance, 40+ years of T’ai Chi practice and a lifelong passion for mindful movement and “kinetic intelligence” fuel his innovative and ongoing study of applied kinesiology. As an athlete, author, educator, artist and coach, he has earned the respect of many endurance athletes and coaches the world over. He is founder and CEW* of Kaizen-durance, Your Aerobic Path to Mastery. A Total Immersion Swim Master Coach, Eversfield also founded and developed the methodology and content for Zendurance Cycling – endorsed by ChiRunning Founder Danny Dreyer, and Total Immersion Swim Founder Terry Laughlin. Eversfield has been honored to teach and present alongside of many distinguished athletes and coaches including: Bobby McGee, Nicholas Romanov, Gwen Jorgensen and her coach Jamie Turner, Mark Allen, Danny Dreyer, Lisa Smith-Batchen, Christopher McDougall and many others. Shane teaches over 200 classes and clinics every year in swimming, cycling, running and Kaizen Skills. He has trained and educated coaches and athletes in the US, Europe and Asia. Now 61 years young, he continues his personal Kaizen path and the cultivation of kinetic intelligence through his daily mindful practice. He also completes multi-day triathlons and ultra running events each year. and continues to quietly slip past his perceived limits. Zenman regards himself as a modern-day “traditional” martial artist – deeply committed to the craft of mindful movement – rather than an as athlete. He lives, trains and teaches extensively in Ithaca, New York. Check out Shane's swim promo video here: *CEW: Chief Endurance Whisperer, Kaizen-durance