Mat Hudson

Salem/Beaverton, OR

Master Coach

Mediterra International Swimming


Coach Mat currently resides in Salem, Oregon, his homestate, with his wife and 4 children (yes, they all swim TI!). He recently returned from 8 years living on the Mediterranean Coast in Turkey. He has been training as a serious swimmer for nearly 30 years, and enjoys a particular focus on marathon distance in open water. He trains in pool and sea and practices all four stroke styles in the TI way. Through his company Mediterra International LLC ( he provides private lessons, workshops, open-water camps and online coaching services for swimmers around the world. He has taught swimming in 12 countries. He has worked with students from 5 continents, all ages, and from fitness and pleasure, to channel swimmers, to pro triathletes. Consider visiting and subscribing to his prolific blog Smooth Strokes ( started over 5 years ago with nearly 400 posts full of inspiring stories, technical insights and solutions for excellent swimming with a complete body and mind.