Lorna Richardson

Los Angeles/Santa Monica, CA

Level 3 Coach




Lorna Richardson Los Angeles/Santa Monica 310.339-1447 fluid.movement.site@gmail.com Lorna is a Swim coach, Personal Trainer and founder of Fluid Movement with a 7 year background in Physical Therapy and Aquatic rehab. Born & raised in England Lorna has been an avid athlete from an early age with a heavy emphasis on competitive swimming. Her love of swimming has evolved from a county team swimmer as a teenager to a TI swim coach with a meticulous eye & a passionate zest to help any & every swimmer that falls under her wing. With an original degree in Fine Art figure drawing Lorna has the unique perspective of an artist and athlete, thus giving her a finely tuned eye for detail and an understanding of the human body. As an Ironman triathlete, she has experienced the physical & mental challenges required of ones mind and body to compete and the need for proper technique to prevent injury. This first hand experience combined with Lorna’s passions and knowledge has her currently pursuing a degree in Exercise Science/Physiology. Lorna spent 7 years working at Forster Physical Therapy (FPT) in Santa Monica where she trained a broad spectrum of clients, ages 6-80+yrs, recreational to pro-athlete. Using this background as a platform, she has applied her knowledge and experience to her company, Fluid Movement. Here Lorna has been able to apply some of her philosophies in a collaboration of land & water based programs. These programs specialize in improving movement pattern by helping to correct imbalances and asymmetries that when not addressed lead to injury and breakdown of the body. Through strength training, functional movement assessment and swim stroke analysis, she works with children and adults to help them gain the confidence they need to feel more comfortable in the water and become more efficient swimmers and she has tailored her swim & body mechanics philosophy to her Masters Swim team, ‘Team AMP’. In addition Lorna also uses the pool as a therapeutic tool with clients that have disabilities including Parkinson’s Disease & Fibromyalgia. As a shy child, sport was Lorna’s outlet, a way to express herself, a way to push her own boundaries and to help her gain confidence. It is Lorna’s desire to pull from her own past as well as draw upon her combined skills to enhance the quality of life of others and to help them achieve their own personal goals, whether that is to complete an ultra endurance race, their first lap of the pool or to walk without pain. Her process isn’t just goal oriented; it is about achieving goals the right way through educating, learning, growing and achieving.