Dinah Mistilis

Lake Norman, NC

Master Coach

Discovery Aquatics




Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Dinah now resides in North Carolina where coached athletes, private lesson students and small groups come to her Discovery Aquatics swim studio to improve their swimming. The swim studio offers a unique blend of Endless Pool instruction and open water swimming in the same venue. Dinah is an experienced Total Immersion Master Coach. She enjoys sharing and teaching the logical, efficient Total Immersion method to swimmers of all ages and abilities. Dinah also enjoys her role as educator in the Total Immersion coach certification pathway and as an open water specialist coach at Total Immersion open water camps. Dinah is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coach and founder of SwimEQ. The SwimEQ program provides swimmers with the tools to manage emotions in a learning environment and to optimize performance in race situations. Seeing athletes use the skills of SwimEQ to overcome anxiety in the water, reach full potential in race environments and achieve goals they thought unattainable is extremely rewarding for Dinah.