Terry Laughlin

Terry Laughlin

Michael Phelps Redux

Yesterday’s news included an item that quickened the pulses of quite a few swim fans–and probably  USA Swimming honcho’s too. Michael Phelps is returning to competitive swimming. Mind you, there was no mention of Rio 2016, only that he ‘ll …

Change Your Swimming in Three Minutes

Do you have three minutes to spare?

Not just any time. Specifically the three minutes just before you enter the pool, or any body of water.

If you do, try this: Sit or stand wherever you’re comfortable. Then breathe through

Fifty Years of Swimming Lessons

To celebrate my 63rd birthday (today) and 50 years in swimming (I first joined a team at age 13 in 1964) I’ve decided to devote a series of posts to reflecting on what I’ve learned about swimming along the way. …

Lessons in Mastery from Mikaela Shiffrin

This week, if you watch the Winter Olympics–and pay little attention to skiing between Olympiads–you’ll be introduced to a remarkable young woman named Mikaela Shiffrin. Last year at  17 she won the world slalom championship. This season she attained almost …